Each year brings different opportunities and adventures including travel destinations. Adventure lovers are always on the look-out for new exciting places to visit. We have saved you the hustle, done some research and brought you top 3 suggestions of places you need to visit this year.


Egypt is one of the hot travel destinations

One top travel destinations this year is definitely Egypt. It is famously described as the Pharaoh’s land, the place of the pyramids. You can also explore the Egyptian temples that have hieroglyphs covering them. Also, you can marvel at the dazzling King Tutankhamun funerary masks. Traveling to Egypt will take you back to historical times as you discover every place you go. Another historical site to explore is the Grand Museum due to be opened this year. On display, you will get artifacts that have never been displayed in any other place before.

In addition to the rich history, it is a destination that will offer you a mix of both relaxation and culture. Recreational activities you can expect include traveling along the beautiful Nile using a traditional felucca. You can, however, decide to use a ship for that adventure. Besides, you can explore the water sports that are offered at resorts such as the Hurghada along the Red Sea.


The Balkans

Located in south-eastern Europe, the Balkan peninsula offers a rich undiscovered adventure. The main features to explore include the UNESCO National Park of Montenegro and Bielasica mountain ranges. Trekking through the spectacular mountains while you stay in the nomadic huts perched by the shepherds on the alpines offers great exploration. From Montenegro, you can easily cross to Serbia and walk through the scenic Uvac canyon. This is the home to Griffin vultures, which are the largest breeding colonies in Europe. Additionally, you will get a glimpse into the Orthodox life of Serbia by spending a night at the monastery. Along the journey, travelers can spend their last night in Trebinje in Bosnia. This journey, however, requires people who are fit as it involves physical activity.


Sao Tome and Principe

These are two tropical islands located near the West African coast. The islands are full of exciting beaches, wildlife, and landscapes. At the islands, you will marvel at turtles hatching in the morning hours, look for endangered bird species and explore the wild terrain. You can however just decide to relax and enjoy the breeze at the beach. In addition, they boast vast forest vegetations with a wide range of wildlife. Exciting places to visit on the islands include the Obo National Park, the blue lagoon, Boca de inferno among others. The islands are a great choice for a holiday destination for people who prefer a quiet place without crowds.


Before you travel to any of these destinations it is always important to consider what you will bring. The more items you bring, the more you will have to pack and unpack. Pack carefully.