Preparing for that long-awaited holiday or work trip does not have to take a toll on you. You only need to know what to prepare and how best to do it. Preparing is probably is what the hardest thing. You can now breathe easy as this article is going to be your best friend when preparing for travel.

Start with the basics

When preparing your packing list always start with the basics. These are the smaller things that are normally forgotten. These may include sunglasses, comfortable tops, belt, swimsuits or even the charger to your phone, jewelry among others. Once you have put together all the basic items you need, it gets easy with the others. Most people can remember their favorite set of clothing, but most forget to prepare and pack your important documents. Important documents such as passport, identification cards, credit cards, travel itineraries, medical insurance information. These should be prioritized because your trip can turn into a nightmare when you travel without them.

Pack your sets of clothes that can be worn in various places instead of carrying a lot of random clothing. Have options of the clothing you carry along with you on your trip but do not over-pack. When packing for my travels, I usually go for clothing sets that can be matched differently to achieve different looks. For instance, shirts and pants that can be combined with a different scarf to achieve a decent look; or a t-shirt that can be used with the same kind of pant to give that needed casual look.


As mentioned with the basic stuff, don’t forget to pack your toiletries. These may include toothbrush and paste, face cream, sunscreen, shampoo, perfume, shaving cream among others. In case you have a carry-on bag, always ensure you keep the toiletry bag as light as possible. Remember to observe regulations with regards to carrying of aerosols and liquids. Pack your personal items that you might need to use on transit separately from your main luggage. Items such as charger, e-reader, travel pillow, headphones, magazines or books can be packed in a carry-on bag. In case you will be connecting flights, it is advisable to keep one or two outfits in this bag. This is important in case you lose your main bag. Most importantly, make sure that the carry-on bag is easily accessibl. This is so you don’t have to remove all items when looking for a pair of earphones.