Traveling is part of people’s lives. They travel for holidays, business, work or just leisure. Sometimes, people travel with families, groups or alone. Although some enjoy it, others don’t like the hustle involved or spending hours on transit. Those who value the experience of traveling will find the different scenarios advantageous in unique ways. Traveling alone offers the best adventure in life that comes with various benefits discussed in this article.


Empowerment and independence

Solo travelers do what they want when they want and how they want it. They are never dragged into something or places that are not of interest. This is the kind of freedom and independence that comes with traveling alone. You will create your own traveling schedule and make own decisions. Traveling on solo trips also makes the individual empowered since they have control of what they do and get different ways of perceiving things. Furthermore, solo travel comes with freedom of its kind. You make your own choices and fix things according to your budget. You get to choose everything without any external influence or pressure.


Traveling alone Impacts confidence

Having had to decide what to do on your own and make your own plans, you become confident of what you do. As a lone traveler, you are the master of your trip and thus you are ready for what happens. Conducting research on the means you will use, the places you will visit and the kind of things to expect prepares you for the trip. When well prepared, you become confident of handling whatever comes. Knowing that you don’t have any other person to rely on but yourself, prepares your mindset and guides your actions. Venturing into unknown territories, you get the opportunity to learn how to deal with different scenarios. This further builds your confidence for the next time you are in a similar situation.

One drawback to dealing with things on your own

If you get a rental car and you need to have it towed for any reason. The stress of this will be solely on yourself, and therefore not shared with others. One company,, has a track record making customers feel at ease, without stress. If you’re ever traveling alone in San Francisco and this happens to you, make sure you reach out to them.


Opportunities for new friendships

Many people comment that traveling alone makes you lonely. That is just a misconception I wish to demystify. When traveling alone is a nice opportunity to make new friends on your trip. You will often go on adventures or exciting moments with strangers who you will remember for long. Meaningful relationships and networks are often built from such moments. It further exposes you to social scenes that will be an opportunity to learn new things and know new people.



Traveling alone allows you to listen to your inner self and follow your instincts. You get to choose the direction you want to take and allows you to have a reflection of your choices. Doing so enables you to discover more of what you are made of and what you are capable of. Spending some time alone takes you on a self-discovery journey. Here are a few great places to travel alone in 2019.